Get ready for Auckland's biggest Kite Event


How it works

The Big Air Competition is split into three divisions:

  1. Novice Kiters: Those who have been kiting for less than 2 years
  2. Girls: Don't think we need to explain this one
  3. Men's Open: Everyone else

We will run each division beginning to end before moving on to the next one. Each division will be run in 7-10 minute heats with 4-5 riders whereby the two riders that jump the highest will progress into the next round until there's only 4 riders left who will make up the final. Each heat will be judged by a group of experts (as defined by us...).

At the end of each devision, the rider who showed the highest jump in the final will be the winner. So it's not about who can show the coolest tricks - though we like to see those too. But in the end, it's all about height (it's called BIG Air for a reason).


The Rules

The rules are pretty simple.

  • Riders must donate at least $40 to register for the competition and then fill in the registration form
    • Please make sure you use the same name for your donation and your registration so it's easy for us to cross reference.
    • Spaces are limited so we strongly recommend registering as soon as possible via this website. However, if there are places available, we will except registrations on the day. 
  • Each rider has to meet the criteria of the devision they are competing in 
  • Each rider must wear the coloured competition shirt (provided by us) during their heat
  • The riders have to stay within the competition zone which will be marked by flags on the beach
  • While out on the water, riders have to follow the general right of way rules of kitesurfing. If you're not familiar with them, you can read up about the rules here
  • The Judges' decisions are final and need to be accepted by all riders

DATE & Location

As we all know, kitesurfing is a highly weather dependent sport and Auckland is not exactly known for it's consistent and predictable weather. That means, there is absolutely no way we can confirm the date and location more than a day or two before the event. Two things we can guarantee is that it will be a weekend day and it will be driving distance from Auckland city.  

The competition window will open on the 22nd of September. From that day onwards the competition will run on the first weekend day that has the right conditions. If the conditions are not right on the day, we will keep moving the date back until we have a Saturday or Sunday with the right wind. 

Our preferred location is Muriwai Beach by the 4WD access (north end of Muriwai Beach). However, if we struggle to get the right conditions for Muriwai we will consider other locations.

We will keep everyone information about date, location and other details via our Facebook Page. 


Get Event Updates

All event details and updates about wind, location and dates will be shared via out Facebook group. So please make sure you follow us on Facebook and check in regularly. To be on the safe side, make sure you have notifications for the group switched on.