We're sold out!!

That's right folks. This year's Big Air event has sold out so registrations are now closed. We have just over 60 riders and simply can't handle anymore. If you wish to try your luck on the day we will have a wait list. If a registered rider doesn't show you will be gifted their spot. But we can't make any promises. 

Having said that, we're still a bit low on girls and strapless riders so if you're keen to enter either of those devisions contact us via the Facebook Page and we will see what we can do (no guarantees though...) 

You can still make a donation though to help the kids at Starship Children's Hospital. 


The Big Air Fundraiser Competition is for EVERYONE!

You don't need to be a pro kiter. We want everyone to come along, participate and have a great time. 

We are running four divisions:

  1. Novice Kiters (Been kiting for less than 2 years)
  2. Girls 
  3. Strapless
  4. Men's Open


How to register for the competition

Registration is simple. All you have to do is donate $30 or more and then fill in the registration form below (donate here - make sure you use the same name for your donation as you do for the registration from below).

ALL proceedings from this event will go to Starship Hospital! By following the 'Donate' link above you will be taken directly to our Starship donation page. The money you donate will go directly to Starship - we don't even touch it.

We might accept registration on the day but numbers are limited to 60 participants total and spots will be reserved on a first come basis - and by that we mean whoever donated AND registered first. 

We know it's a bit tricky to register given we can't set a fixed date for the event (blame the weatherman). So consider this your registration of interest. We will reach out to everyone who registered once a date has been confirmed and will ask you to confirm your participation. 

Now, for those of you who think "but what if I donate to reserve my spot and then can't make it on the day?". Well, let's just say the kids at Starship Hospital will be grateful :)